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The membrane

I realise that I'm like a fully permeable membrane when it comes to love. If I really like you, I will merge my world with yours, without including my world.

I will try to love your friends,family and even your dog. I will get adapted to your imperfections and adopt little habits of yours. I will get interested in your interests. I will get accustomed to your values. I will speak your language. I will do things to make you happy.

I will cook breakfast for you and make your bed for you. Warm your bed before night time during winter. Why do I sound so submissive wtf =.= aiseh. I think I will become a house husband next time hahahaha and my 16-17 years (including university which I have not attended lol) of education will go down the drain.

And I lose myself.

But then I need to have a firmer stand. Never, ever settle for a relationship that doesn't allow you to be yourself. True love doesnt calculate, does it? Can love be calculated, then?

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