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As I climb up the ladder, I get more and more sick of this phenomenon.

Intellectual snobbery. Aren't people with higher intelligence supposed to have better emotional capacity? Because they understand/know more, they should have more empathy for people and acknowledge the inequalities in reality and then help people, solve things.

But then they only use it for their own advantage and exploit people. They just wanna keep climbing higher and higher, be better than everyone else. Being better or the best gives them a sense of satisfaction. So what began as meritocracy actually ends up as elitism.

And uncaring elites tend to be anglophiles who reject their own culture ( a bit of generalisation yea), they are classist and only take sides with the more powerful ( but not necessarily righteous) side. They are what I call comformist, vain and power hungry people who wants to look good.

That was what happened during the Late Qing dynasty where some idiots chose to side with the "enemies" which contributed to the divergence of society and eventual downfall of china and had a very slow recovery.

I cant stand how some people in school just flaunt their academic knowledge all the time and take pride in how brainy they are. In the outside world, nobody knows about your academic jargons. They mean nothing. Ok, maybe I am making a sweeping statement here.

And then some elites have really corrupted values and they justify them with their so-called theories and philosophical jargons they have read somewhere. Probably from Freud or Nietzsche. Nihilism and the idea that morals are nothing but just shaped by society blah blah blah. so they tweak it to their own advantage.

And then the thing about white collar crimes, these people are more implicit and subtle than than the outright baddies. Scary.

the highest paid jobs in the world is fuelled by ego and driven by....I cant find the word for it. Anyway, the "care for others" jobs are paid so little. Like nurses, and stuff. If you know what I mean.

Anyway, my ideal elite is someone like Bertrand Russell. He's so wise and actually has/had a heart. An empathy for the human race and everyone in general and tries to steer us towards a positive direction.

People who are more educated are more refined and good? Not really.

Sometimes I dont want to climb up the ladder anymore, I'm losing my innocence. my precious innocence.

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