18 and hot-blooded. I might dispense useful information once in a while



If the colors of old photographs fade and seep into drains, will they evaporate and precipitate as colorful rainbows?

If winds of change could be captured into a bottle, would you keep them?


This blog reminds me of a deserted fairground. The ferris wheel have stopped spinning and popcorns are no longer served.

What's left? scavenging flies circulating around remnants of food. The bagpipes have deflated. No more merry music, only still silence lingering. Lingering in the cold,stale air.....

The laughter have dispersed and you could only hear soft howling of the wind. The clown have shed his makeup and removed his red nose for all the children have gone home.

The only thing that is working now is the merry-go-round as it does not need electricity to work. The strong hand of the wind pushed it from time to time and spins it around. Round and round it goes, never stopping. Spinning and never stopping. Never!

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