18 and hot-blooded. I might dispense useful information once in a while



The internet is a dangerous place----Gp teacher

The internet is a good platform for marginalised individuals to voice their opinions but anonymous keyboard warriors scrutinise behind their tainted glasses, refuse to look at cold hard facts, treat information with disdain

   it's always easier to make people believe a lie that they want to believe, than the truth that they refuse to believe 

Therefore to protect myself, most of my posts are semi-protected, thanks to a clever invention by this guy You will see a lot of stuff like this

click it. the password is password lol.

of course, not all password of password-protected text and pictures is password. Now, I shall have the freedom and security to roam around the internet. Tata, the internet is your playground. But be careful little children, weird uncles are lurking around the corners!

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