18 and hot-blooded. I might dispense useful information once in a while


About me

Hi, I’m 18 years old and hot-blooded.  Currently studying in a JC and can't wait to graduate. I bury myself in books, most of the time.
I love to immerse myself in literature, movies and comics which are imitation of realities. A copy of a copy of a form. I write reviews,commentaries and poems during my free time. 

I love to travel because I am lonely and I would love to learn more about the world.

 I wish to understand fully the past,present and continuity of the human experience and live life to the fullest. Which is why I often post historical themed posts to reminiscise ,reflect and have no qualms on criticizing current social phenomenons.
I suffer from existential crisis periodically due to my multi-national identity and introspects too much.

My dream is to meet someone I love before I die and we’ll get married and settle down in some small and romantic town, with a garden of our own that has cute little bunnies hopping around ^^ 
I have funny bones and how humorous I am is subjective.

(can you count the number of "I" present in this post? lol.)

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