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Today, let's talk about people. Ive not touched blogging for a damn real long time, forgot how to embellish my words haha.

Let's talk about scheming people with insidious motives and shadowy tricks. 人心险恶,贪权贪利,防不胜防!

-Case study 1-

There's this mad chiongster in school that I cant stand. Somehow I think over-achieving attitude is driven by an internal lack of security, fucked-up self confidence and low self-esteem. She thinks that she's fat. And she's a homophobic, she makes fun of gays to relieve her own oily insecurity. In order to achieve success at all cost, she'll morph into a shape-shifting chameleon.

She has zero tolerance for nonsense and must be tense up 99% of the time like a terracotta army is at the opposite site of the river, waiting to rush over and massacre her. No giggling during cca sessions! Must be serious! Like a gungho fighter! Must do work! cannot slack for a minute! fuck you. obviously you dont understand what life is about and la dolce vita- the sweetness of doing nothing. During her free spare time, mugging is here favourite hobby. Besides that, she balances violin lessons,ballet,tuition and etc.

Since young, she just wanna achieve. And forever, she will be in the rat race. Primary 4 streaming exam, PSLE, sec 3 Streaming, O level, A level, Uni, get a good job, CPF, prepare for retirement at 80. what a sad life......

-case study 2-

i mentioned case study 2 before so this shall be short and sweet. very similar to case study 1, hypercompetitive and tense. cannot tolerate noise in class, if u make a joke in class, she'll turn around and stare at you with her horse face to convey the message:YOURE NOT FUNNEH!

And if you skip lessons or dont pass up homework, she'll stand on her high horse and despise you. Think you're worthless and nothing while on comparison, she being hardworking, is the most well-behaved person in the world!

If you slightly complain about school( which ure allowed to, god! freedom of expression!) she will snap at you: YOU CAN DONT COME WHAT!

sigh, case study 1 and case study 2 are the results of our overly competitive education system. competition brings the best results but brings out the worst in people. Selfish, uncaring individuals.

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