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Just moved house

Ive moved house again, the 6th or 7th time in 18 years. I feel like a vietnam boat refugee, without a stable home. having to drift here and there.

I live across st.patrick's now, very near to VJ. I should totally transfer school lol. My area has a lot of private housing and man I feel inferior. Keep up with the joneses tsk. But buddha says we must be contented with what we have! Ok so what if "our house" is rented now? This is only temporary! Actually, its my own fault eh, my parents sold the house because of me in the first place =.=

I miss having the whole house to ourselves, doing what I do when I feel like it like screaming randomly or dancing retardedly and singing in the shower. Now got people around, cant do that much lol. I miss my stuff even more, they're all packed up now and I cant take them out and fondle them regularly while reminiscing about the past.

I went to take a look at st.pats unintentionally that day and damn the school looks so posh, better than any institutions I have attended! I wondered what happened to maris stella man, must be bro anthony's fault. Swallow all the funds meant for infrastructure. 

Life is kinda fast-paced and unstable now but I believe it will get better, after my A levels. I can survive this. I can do it!

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