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Guten tag, Berlin, Germany!

Guten tag, Ich bin jetzt in Berlin! -7 degree celsius, it's biting cold! when the wind blows, your ears feel like as if its being pricked with needles and your cheeks slashed with knives!

Nevertheless, Berlin is still an amazing city, having shaped and influenced the history of 20th century. Ransacked by the Nazis, bombed by the soviets, the city has fallen apart countless of times but it has never fail to pick itself up again and again. It has gone through transformations.

Ruin is a gift, it is the road to transformation!--Eat,pray,love

At bradenburg gate! The German equivalent of Triumphal arch. It is a famous landmark of berlin. Built when Germany was still called Prussia for sign of peace.

There were horse carriages around. Hmm, should I touch it? 

Ok, maybe I should!

A closer look of the gate. There were alot of people dressed up as soldiers or teddy bears and urge tourists to take a picture with them. Euros needed. If they see that you look east asia, they'll say either ni hao or konichiwa first. If you don't respons they'll say aneonghaseyo wtf.

A christmas tree erected in the middle of the square to welcome christmas. There were also alot of people from middle-east and eastern europe who beg for money when they see tourists.
The way to escape this is to pretend that you dont understand english. sigh, i'm so cold-hearted.
Charlottenburg palace

The largest palace in Berlin. Seat to the Prussian monarchies. Germany dont have monarchies liao, suffered the same fate as the french one. Slaughtered during revolution(s) lol.
Went in from the back gate because I'm a sinister thief. Yes, it was snowing.

Me and my mum who dressed up as a pink power ranger.

The main dining hall. Look at the intricate gold carvings! Grandeur. Manifique. 完美。
A nice looking door and cozy fireplace, reserved for the aristocrats. No you peasants shall not enter!

A nice looking hallway with gold carved mirrors and chandeliers 

I wonder how they paint the ceilings lol

The hallway
Painting room, renaissance and baroque art

 Royal tea sets. My mum says: "do you want coffee or tea?"
 Queen's bed. Man, she must be puny
This is the indian room I think. The royalties liked exotic stuff very much and there was even an oriental room with chinese and japanese furnishings.
There was a christmas night market! Europe's equivalent of singapore's pasar malam haha. Just in time for the festive mood! 

A larger view of the windmill.

Flowery archway

People dressed up as angels and a musical band to blend music with the festive mood

Berlin victory column
the Berlin victory column. built in 1864 to commemorate Prussian victory over war with denmark. When I was there, it was still under construction. 

 This is how it looks like originally.

A park in Berlin, which is practically frozen

Parents drag their kids on sleigh here! I thought that only happens in storybooks.


Konzerthaus was built on the ruins of the National Theater, which was destroyed by fire in 1817. And the cathedral is either the french cathedral or german cathedral. There were two identical cathedrals! I can't tell them apart haha but one of them is supposedly a little taller.

Either the french or german cathedral lol.

Mor christmas market! They are everywhere during December!

Traditional handcrafted german toys. I didn't know that nutcrackers originated from Germany! Well, now I know.

More toys.

twinkle twinkle little star!

Speaking of snow

This is not my first winter but it's my first time experiencing heavy snow falling down from the sky! I used to have this wild fantasy about snow and romantic icy forests. But this real experience kinda burst my bubble (I still like snow). 

Trudging through thick layers of snow with your luggage isnt fun at all.

Not to say getting your shoes wet when you sink into thick layers of snow everytime.

Let's eat here and experience the chilly weather baby!

The city snow is damn disgusting. Snow is supposed to be white and pretty right but when it mixes with the dirt and mud it just gets icky!

Anyway I also visited charlie checkpoint, the berlin wall and the island museums but going to split it since its so long. Also got switzerland, munich, fussen, koblenz and prague,czech republic posts wtf. Wonder how am I gonna finish writing them.

Plus school is going to start soon in about 6days and I have lots of homework undone. Those hyper competitive pricks and restless must-get-it-done people must be saying: still got time to blog meh?"

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Vin Tsen Gan said...

Ahhh I would usually associate Germany with beer! :D

JimoWu said...

haha because of oktoberfest?

JimoWu said...

I would also associate it with the Nazis! =)

Allison said...

Such a quaint city and it's snowing!! ;)

* tracey gal * said...

Love the city covered by snow!

vivi said...

gahh now i wish i'm in germany ! i wanna touch the horse !!

JimoWu said...

lol there's lots of horses in the zoo!

SuFang (Careen) said...

nice photos~ I wanna travel to there too!

HocanLai said...

i wan go~

Mich said...

omg, the snow and the christmas feel !!

˙·٠•●♥ Stephanie ♥●•٠·˙ said...

Oh my,it's so beautiful!

Your Humble Servant said...

Snow is really ain't fun...

YEEINGNG ♥ said...

I wish I'm there! Awwwhh!

Chuen said...

nice place :) Funny how the try to guess which part of asia the asian tourist are from xD

isroxck said...

Germany !!! Cool ! I always love the German culture ! Gothic :D

JimoWu said...

@chuen yea haha its funny but most of the time they guess either china,japan or korea =)

isroxck: lol i thought alot european countries got goth culture. prague got more gothic stuff!

JΞMS£Ɲ said...

i wanna go to Germany and see Paul's descendants! XD did u go to that aquarium? :)

JimoWu said...

nope i havent. but is the aquarium in the zoological gardens or the island museum? haha.

Black Sheep Ellie said...

awesome trip...i love it

Chika said...

Wow. I didn't know you were a male. Not meant as an offence. I always thought the person writing was female. I'm astonished. :) :D

Oh..and you've got some pretty amazing pictures up. Charlottenburg Palace reminds me of an old palace I visited in England during a school trip hehe.

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