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things I'll never get into(again)

Twilight: another story about a typical damsel-in-distress always getting into trouble with a prince charming always there to save her. cliche. And what's with Stephanie Meyer's half-fucked english? Vampire romanticizing is just another way to portray lust and ooze sex. cheap!

And why did they get Robert Pattinson to cast as Edward? He looks like a drug addict. Plus he totally dispelled the myth that Edward Cullen is hot. And can Stephanie Meyer please stop harping on Edward's looks!

What's with the werewolves stripping and showing their wolfy tits every 10secs on the screen? Those meaty scenes remind me of a gay group orgy.

Read a few pages of the book, dumped it aside. Nay for me.

K-pop- Thrashy music. commercialized techno music seems to be easily churned out just by pressing a few buttons of the garageband(music software in apple). Just toggle the notes abit, autotune and done!

And the lyrical content is kinda meaningless too. Either about some stupid love crushes or about how hot they are, cant wait to get laid. Oh, of course SNSD acts innocent and have alot of sex insinuation anyway. What's with the "oh oh oh oh ah ah ah ah"? Must have been painful while doing it...hmmmmm. And most of them look like plastic barbies mass produced from the same factory btw.

And Kpop does have alot of plagiarism cases. half of hyori Lee's album is confirmed plagiarized. SNSD, 2PM and FT island all face similar accusations as well. Don't support inauthentic music!

And what's with the whole Korean culture/language craze?

Do you know that 50-70% of korean vocabulary are loanwords from chinese? Most koreanophiles can't even handle chinese properly and hates chinese so now they love some language that has been HEAVILY influenced by chinese?

Most people are just brainwashed by the Korean Culture. How can u hate chinese culture and love Korean culture at the same time when we have such a profound influence on them? Throughout centuries, chinese architecture, religion, law, cuisine, political structure, language, technology...basically all aspects lol have influenced and SHAPED their culture

I don't see korean culture being as impactful as Japanese or Chinese.

Heard of any internationally well-recognized korean author? Read a piece of good Korean literature? No.

Have any korean scientist made any MAJOR contribution to science or won nobel prize? No. But Japanese and chinese have.

Lol, sorry to koreanophiles here but I'm just making my point here. please try to be rational though.

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