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end of school

              the most anticipated moment of the year!

*throws confetti and blast fireworks!

No need to see chao bins (black face) of stupid people! (for now)

and niaming (constant chanting) of teachers! The A-level two year course is very rigorous...you can't use the O-level method to study for your A level exams. Can't study one week before. Must be consistent. Can't memorise. Must Apply! Yadda yadda.

No more heavy bags ( actually could be lighter but I insist to bring extra notes for study but in the end I didnt which means I brought them in vain like a gong kia wtf.)

Every teacher has psychoed us into revising for next year's stuff. I wonder if I'm going to do that.

Anyway, I'm going to watch the Final Act of Inuyasha for now. The show has been running for 10 years and finally coming to an end. It evokes and bring back alot of memories though. Watched it during wee hours on the old arts central (now called okto -,-) and we'll eat tidbits at the same time on the warm sofa couch.

Also watched it in Taiwan with cousins. The taiwan version for names is different as they follow the chinese way of pronouncing Kanji.

Inyusha is called 犬夜叉 (quan ye cha). Kagome is called 阿篱 (Ah Li, but you could call her ali baba).
Shippo is called 屎宝 or something.

Btw, I watch Inuyasha on veoh.com. You have to install the Veoh player first but I guarantee that it's worth it. You can find all the full-length episode of the final act.

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