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Currently, my thoughts are as misty as the haze. Clogged up and unclear.

With the PSI hitting 100, I dont see our quality of life going anywhere.

I dont see industrialization bringing us anywhere. With science going forward like a stream roller, our environment has retreated into degradation. How ironic.

And I've tried to find happiness in a bigger TV, a car and a watch. I've tried to find happiness in power over others and the respect of the people around me.@please find this

Besides that, I think that I have recovered from exams stress and adapted back to the normal life pace! *applause* After massacring alot of brain cells, It'll take quite awhile for your mind to project happy pictures and for it to think of normal things again.

When I use my brain too much, It'll get short circuit and I feel numb after that. Cant appreciate music, can't get excited when watching drama and can't feel love. And can't hope for the future.

Well, now I can! Currently watching Nodame Cantibile and listening to Cheryl Cole's song haha.
Thinking of Prague trip right now and hoping that I can go back to Taiwan.

I've gotten back my results and I think I'm satisfied with them. They aren't that great but they aren't that bad either. I could've done better but I did all that I could so I dont see the point of running myself down in a depressive manner.

If I keep improving in this manner, I think I'll achieve my ideal grades and hopefully I'll land somewhere in my ideal university.

I like the pace of my life right now. Lying on the bed and daydreaming, watching my favourite drama at the computer hub in school while everyone is caught up with PW, surfing random sites on the internet. Haha, I guess I like to live in my own world.

I'm also trying to apply for Dunman Hostel next year because I think that It'll be a more conducive environment for me, got quite a few friends there, and the life there is quite superb I heard. Lots of facilities, events and celebrations. Beats the boring routine this year. Going to school, coming back home,sleep.

Heard that that waiting list is quite long, So I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and pray. Shouldn't keep my hopes up though, haha.

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