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not listed for TIP

Hey hey, I'm not chosen for Temasek Internship Program(Architecture)! Haha I concede defeat lah cause I admit that I've committed some blunders and I'm not the "model student" type to represent the college lol. If not I'll tarnish their reputation and blah blah blah.

ok so, let's analyse why I didn't get shortlisted.

1) Punctuality- I submitted the form 1 day late and I was about 1min late for the interview. When I walked in everyone was staring at me. But I made sure I was on time lor! Btw I think I wasn't late, everyone else was early instead haha! The teacher-in-charge wasn't particularly happy and gave me the sarcastic smiling face. 笑里藏刀。

Note to self: Must be 15mins early next time for important official meetings.

2) Grades- I got CCDDU. Average grades I would say. Maybe It was the U that caused them to reconsider....hmmm

3) Interview- I think I did ok at the interview though. I listed all the eras of architecture from greco-roman to gothic to renaissance to barouqe and modern, post-modern, deconstructivism etc and said my fav form of architecture is Japanese Architecture because it was able to draw influences from chinese and korean architecture and built upon new styles. I love the way it projects simplicity and zen.

Different from the usual "I have a huge passion for architecture, I want to grab this opportunity to satisfy my dream" blah blah blah.

The teacher asked me where I read them from. I said the Internet and books from my Dad. She asked whether my Dad is an architect and I said yes (some aspects lah, not all). So maybe she thinks that I'm depriving others of chance cause I can get an internship at my father's company? I dunno.

4) past records- Jumping a lot of CCA, showing my inconsistency. Feedback from teachers that I'm a super inconsistent person+ slacker?

5)Traveling- I said something about travelling in the December holidays. the period of internship is from 5 Dec to 19 Dec if I remember correctly.

Aiya I think JC is scary lor, they're able to track out every little minute details and nit bits information about you, I think if they want they can even dig out the family history of your 18 lines of generation LOL.

So, if you want to have a lot of opportunities like internship/scholarship you have to be a model student and make sure you don't have anything in your disciplinary records.

Cause at the end of the day, morals and attitude>talent and performance. That's how Asian societies work for ya.

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