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ridiculous results

I did a tip tap dance when I received my o levels results. my L1R5 is one-third of my prelim results wtf, I got 28 for prelims. I don’t know what I was doing back then. Miracles do happen in this world after all.

Luckily I did okay or my mum will use broomstick to chase me out of the house and my Elitist sister will break all ties with me.

After prelim 2, I studied everyday for a month and completed all the tys. All my tys got tear stains wtf cause I was under huge pressure. My plan was to study six hours everyday, play neopets three hours, the rest for eat/sleep/shit. O levels is like pressure cooker, it’s either you become a hyper competitive prick or develop inferiority complex. Which one is worse, go figure out yourself.

I got A1 for English,Chinese and physic/chemistry. A2 for e math and humanities, b3 for a maths and D7 for biology haha.

This is seriously dumb cause I channeled most of my energy into a maths and it became the worst subject of my L1R5. English and Chinese didn’t really touch except for writing essays.

My strategy was to heck care biology totally because I’m not a fan of blood. And my biology teacher is really very demoralising, he made me feel stupid.

There’s still this stupid feeling that I could have done better. Sigh, me so self-deprecating. I was under huge pressure during o levels. Cried a bit after a maths paper two cause blardy difficult. Left one 8 mark question blank for geog cause not enough time. And my heart got poached away three days before o levels. Stupid me, could’ve had better tolerance.

Hehezx, i went to work at raffles hotel straight away after results got released. Luckily, I did okay if not I spill drinks on customer, spit on manager wtf.

Hope everyone around me did well too. Quite sad that some of my friends did badly. I could do nothing except for consoling them. What the future does not end here, still can work hard wtf. But yea my words also not golden, cant help much.

Sigh, finally can sleep peacefully tonight after being haunted for so long. Sweet Sweet dreams like cotton candy.

But now I’m in a dilemma whether to go poly and take mass com or go reputable jc(s) like tjc,ajc,sajc??? I swear poly and jc is like macdonalds and KFC, rivals of the century.

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