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which school to go?

I’m in a dilemma now.

I want to go TJC, it’s sort of a dream school. I remembered when TJ principal visited my school, Justin said that it was almost impossible to enter TJ and woah, I sort of fulfill the criteria for arts stream now.

I visited TJ open house with joan and Seryang brought me around. The environment is very vibrant, the students are very enthusiastic and the culture is neighbourhood-friendly, kinda like xinmin.(Maybe they put up front cause of open house, if I go in maybe they will step on my shadow wtf.)

The only thing is that the trip from my house to TJ is about 1 hr+++++.

My Elitist/tyrannical/conceited sister is advising me against going to TJ because of the light year distance and she speculates that I can’t wake up in time for school just like the old marist days when I skipped school like nobuddy’s business.

During half days like CNY celebration, national Day celebration you sure cant see me one wtf.

Anderson JC, in comparison is much nearer. Direct bus. 20-25mins trip. The culture is also very neighbourhood-friendly, the people are very nice and all but…the building is so old and raggy. What if it decides to collapse one day and bury poor me alive wtf.

The campus looks like some factory and the uniform looks like some factory worker’s. Great combination woots.

Fengshui masters said that one’s environment can affect one’s inner peace/harmony. The school looks so…..dead.

sajc/acjc/cjc is out of the question cause…. they’re only good if u’re angmoh/half angmoh/rich/gorgeous/elitist.if u’re a normal person u’d be cast out.it’s a total hierarchy there.

But that’s my own narrow perspective as an outsider lah, I have no experience in that school so I’m not in a position to judge. I just want to be careful and make sure that I make a wise choice and have an enriching and fulfilling college life.

Ok, I have to hand up my choices in 24 hour’s time. I might have trouble filling up ALL TWELVE choices. Why give so many sia.

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