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Rush hour

49 days left to prelim 2.
Which means an average of 7 days for one subject. I’m feeling the stress already, sending a rippling sensation down my spine and forming goosebumps all over my body. (primary sch compo ehehehe.)

Seriously, all this suppressed emotion can really kill the biggest mammal alive called the elephant. Wait, it’s not the elephant is it? Whale right? ahaha, I’m a bio student.

Time is so tight. I wished a place called Narnia existed. Then I would wrap all my study materials, food and water in a bundle, scuttle my way through the wardrobe and land myself in the terrains of Narnia. Apparently, one visit to Narnia lasts longer than your corresponding period of absence from Earth. Which means, I can study for gazillion years in Narnia when I’ve only left Earth for a mere milimetersecond!

Sounds good right? Nah, better stop dreaming. I jolly well know fairytales are too good to be true.

Anyway, my mum’s incessant chanting is still ringing in my ears. The whole suaning thing is starting again. She kept on saying I’ll go normal acad during PSLE and now She keeps on saying I’ll go I.T.E or something. Oh, I love you mum. You totally boosted my confidence, upgraded my self-esteem like what a typical mum should do.

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