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Rush hour 2

My mum had hidden the com again, ha! I’ve searched every nook and cranny, highs and lows but to no avail. T_T I’m basically deprived of a man’s basic needs now. huhuhu. But it’s for my own good cause I always subcummb to computer gratification wtf.

The com has always played a pivotal role in my demise, but I’m a willing party! My life supporting system, sigh.

At com lab now arh, Higher chinese lessons rock my socks!

Anyway, A maths {Area under a region} can suck my ass wtf. Seriously, I always have problems visualising things, but they say men are supposed to be visual animals, sigh. I see everyone doing the test like easy breezy Japanesey, I think I’ll end up with 14/25 T_T. Kinematics saved my big, fat ass :D:D:D:D

People always say that I have the highest T-score in the class, supposed to live up to my name yadda yadda but seriously, I think my studying engine has like rusted. I need to keep it roaring again somehow.

Oh, my glorious past. Seriously, I dont know why we have to go to such an extent to validate our abilities/capabilities. I wished that I was born in the 1960’s when life isn’t so competitive. I must have crossed the reincarnation bridge at the wrongest time, oh mother!

But then again, I should count my blessings. If I’m born in africa, I’ll be stricken with poverty! I’ll suffer from malnutrition and get aids from my mother or something. Being born in a china farm also very kelian if you’re a girl, you’ll be dumped into the shitbowl!!! Nooooo!

Oh wait, I’m studying in a catholic school for goodness sake. I should believe in afterlife!!! Everlasting life!!!! If I don’t commit any sins, that is.

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