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phone to email to facebook to teleporter

‎1800: "i'll ask the owl to send a letter to you"
1970: "I'll talk to you when I see you"
1990: "I'll call you"
2000: "I'll email you"
2005: "Can I text you?"
2010: "Alright, facebook or text?"
2100: "I'll send you a telepathic message"

2100:"I'll teleport to where you are now,baby"

Technology is so stylo milo. Back then, people calculated using hands, then some smart china guy invented abacus. Then a smart angmoh guy invented calculator. And now we have quantum computers that can decode impossible numbers to save man from his lazy tendencies 

We used to pass messages to each other in class discreetly by throwing paperballs, avoiding getting caught by the menacing teacher with a fearful aura, but to no avail. Now we just hide our phones in our pockets and msg by our magnificent sense of touch. Writing diaries was meant for private consumption, in a distant past. Porn came in the format of papers and then came moving pictures that maximized satisfaction.

Research requires one to rot a hella vu la way at cold and stale libraries and then came the dot.coms

I was asking my mum who is 50 years old how people met during the 1970s without cell phones. She said they just agreed on a timing and place and meet. But what if something suddenly held up? What if a road accident happens? You get held up for nothing........

Anyway I was considering the possibilities of teleporters. Think of satellites, they can transmit messages and images from one end of the Earth to the other end. 

"But only waves can be transmitted! Particles can't be! Humans are made up of Particles!!!???"

Bet you learnt that from Charlie and the chocolate of factory, didn't you. Maybe maybe particles can be deconstructed and then constructed again in a distant far away land? 

hmm if this is possible, i'll think that there'll be alot of gruesome accidents. I imagine that teleportation transport ppl by taking apart their molecules and send them to miles away and then construct them back again.

if the machine goes cuckoo then uh oh.....

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alvinontherocks said...

Cool but I still think that teleportation is a possibility because just like DNA, everyone has their own unique signature. This way they can create a device to detect the signatures to avoid any collision.

Of course, there has to be some sort of redundancy to avoid mayhem or accidents. :) Multiple watchtowers connected to a primary watchtower would help avoid any incidents as well.

Cool write-up bro. Well as they say, "Beam me up Scottie!" :)

JimoWu said...

watchtower? multiple watchtowers? you are geeky lol!

Beam me up scottie hahaha u are sure one sci-fi fan!

GenGkey said...

telepathic message huh..:D

Qi Wen 绮文 said...

telepathic message more like lovers will do =)

Joyce said...

I want to teleport too!

Benjamin Ang said...

Which is why punctuality seems to be missing in people nowadays...
Coz they can always just text or call on mobile..
Which is unfortunate...

Chika said...

Haha.. Funny post. :P

Hmz.. I don't think I'd love having my molecules deconstructed and then put back together, because of the fact that I'd never know if anything went wrong...

I like your blog :)

JimoWu said...

Hi thanks Chika, that's very nice of you :)

Btw science exposes us to danger everyday so we never know! The radiation exposed by the computer can cause cancer and the prescription of drugs are never 100% safe.

Haha, just saying. Hope I didnt scare anyone though ^^

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