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Movie Analysis: Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows Part I

Warning:Spoilers Ahead!

From the beginning of the movie, I was thinking if reference is made to the Holocaust. A professor who majored in Muggle Studies and in defence of their bloodline is captured by Voldemort and then killed.

Later throughout the movie, it is evident already. There are recurring elements that reflect one of the major theme is revealing the horrors of ethnic cleansing like those of the Jewish massacre. Muggle families need to register their particulars and secret agents are always on the run to catch those with "inferior blood". Propaganda is always printed and widely distributed by the Magic Ministry(which fell into the hands of the evil) to further condemn and smear the names of those with non-magical blood.

Totalitarianism and Subversion also ring a bell at points of time. When the ministry is infiltrated by death eaters and Voldermort's team, truth is often distorted, oppressive measures got in place, "dissents" like harry potter has to be captured and "inferior blood" has to be cleansed. Voldermort would remind one of Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin. Dictatorship.

Dolores Umbridge is a conservative education worker and would tweak the education system according to her agenda by hook or by crook and she ends up working with the dark forces. She is a power hungry bitch.

The movie also seem to hint that sacrifices need to be made for the greater good. To achieve the end, sacrifices are inevitable and necessary. When the Order of the Phoenix has to escort Harry to the safe place,  Hedwig and Mad-Eye Moody died as a result of protecting Harry. Dobby is also killed when he attempts to save Harry and gang when they are captured and held as hostages in the Malfoy Manor.

If you ask me what the movie smell of, I'll think that it smell of death. Death is imminent throughout the movie and Ron is afraid that Death will be upon his family and guards by the radio continuously and hopes that the names of his beloved ones wont be broadcast. He gets into a fight with Harry later and told Harry that he could never put himself in his shoes because his parents are already dead.

Harry Potter, Ron and Hermoine also have to isolate themselves from the rest to seek the hocruxes in a bid to destroy Lord Voldermort. Loneliness bears the "death" smell too, dont you think?

<----end of analysis---->

Overall the movie is not bad, very theme heavy and matured, unlike the first few books. I like!
The visual effects are good, the pace is mid-fast and culminated in a final exciting battle which leaves craving for the audiences!

The development of the story is also different from the previous books as most of them are set in Hogwarts and this time they have to go on a quest to find the hocruxes in order to destroy Voldermort instead of spending their final year in school.

And walao I caught the movie during thurs morning and the cinema was full of JC students! Liberation from last A level paper perhaps?

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Albert said...

I don't like harry potter.

JimoWu said...

It's nice if you set aside some time to discover and understand it....

JΞMS£Ɲ said...

HP7 is not bad but I cant really judge it coz its only part 1 :)

do visit my blog yea??

laila said...

ow no no!! I havent watched the last one!!

Philip Khor said...

not bad. it does look great.

Anonymous said...

should have watched.

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