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Hallo, guten tag! Ich bin in switzerland right now! using the hotels free computer hahaha. their internet is all in german but I can still manage to find my way heh heh. their keyboard is quite weird also and i had a hard time finding the exclamation and @ signs lol. anyhoo, i think i will only be able to upload photos when i get back to sg.

this is how it looks like roughly, except that its covered in snow now haha. I love this place so much, its so much more warmer and emits the heartwarming feeling. unlike berlin which is biting cold, wet and dark.

anyway, kids get dragged by parents on sleighs here on the rich and thick snow! sometimes I just feel like hopping on haha.

the pigeons are fatter, porn magazines are everywhere, singapores one is damn fail no full nudity lol. and construction workers are mostly europeans! haha singapore just imports road sweepers from overseas cause we are just too spoilt.

the atmosphere here is just too liberal and i feel damn unconstricted like loads of bricks have been removed from my brains. people can just whip out their muscial instruments and play them on the train. pets are allowed everywhere. people eat on the train. grafitti is a national past time. such stark difference from the place that i came from, with such an authoritarian and paternalistic govt.

so i guess ill enjoy more of this romantic atmosphere and indulge myself while i still can. this is just a short update hahaha. tata. ciao. see zou then!

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Your Humble Servant said...

have fun there in swiss :)

ken said...

so cool.. have fun! :D

jimowu said...

haha thanks guys, sure i will(exclamation mark, i cant find it on tis keyboard wtf)

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