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desperate jobhunt

I’m going to embark on an arduous journey of jobhunting! It’s a journey of no return! It may be futile, futile it may be but a hero like me shall never be hindered by such trivial matters.

Ok, before I continue, if you want to view my password protected entry, please email me at mrotakublog@gmail.com or ask me from msn/call my homephone or sms me or call my handpone wtf. I think its one of the most hilarious entry I’ve written in my 3 years of blogging life, cause got no restrictions so I can curse using the most unorthodox words available without the fear of representing myself falsely muahahaha. I’ve finally utilised the functions of my wordpress!

Wordpress rawkzzzz, can have password protected post. brogger sucks. period.

So I have sent two applications for internships in the past few days and they all got rejected. bravo. excellent. wonderkool.

One is to sph cause I enquired from Alvin and he recommended me to. But I guess since I’m void of experience, have nil talents, nada qualifications and lack social skills, it’s understandable that they don’t wanna employ me.

Sigh, got one rjc guy told me that he can help me pull strings earlier but I rejected him because I was quite confident of my portfolio (articles published in two school publications, creative writing competition 2nd place, english composition marks okay okay, chinese compo everytime score quite high)

but I guess that was not enough. And how I know whether he got dubious intentions not huh. My mum told me not to trust strangers cause not everyone has heart made of gold ok. But now I’m waiting for him to come online, sigh.

I was kidding about that dubious intentions part ok. According to the mindsets of teachers, students who get A grades= morality also A++++++ so dont believe what I say.

So I think I should exploit him now, what say you? Ok, I’m kidding about the exploiting part too. Don’t take my words into heart. I’m the boy who cried wolf. I’m the pinnochio who has a long nose cause I lie like I eat rice.

Maybe I should stop applying for internship cause I lack qualifications/talents/looks/charisma and look for job in a mac and go flip burgers and meddle with frying grease.

But I say mac is a job that has high potential risks. Cause I may end up gobbling the food without self-control and the high cholesterol thingy may block my coronary arteries and pose severe threat to my health.

Ok, job hunting continues tomorrow. Now, I shall get a good nights sleep. bye.

kays, I cant seem to get myself to sleep. Any suggestions to hasten sleep other than counting sheep? k bye.

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