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Caucasian women v.s. asian women

Since when did caucasian girls represent beauty and asian girls are just dismissed as....plain?

Is it because Caucasian girls have sharper nose, protruding lips, deep-set talking eyes and better jawlines? Or the big, volumised hair complete with an impeccable sense of fashion? Admit it guys, it's because they have bigger nehnehs to squish your face in.

Going back to the root of the problem, it's because Western culture has a much stronger global impact than other cultures and media conglomerates undeniably comes from the west, toying with our perceptions and such.

To me, caucasian beauties are overrated (although still beautiful) and they cannot achieve the kind of look that asian girls can. The gentleness, frailty, ice cold and innocent look.

Since when did horse-face Lucy and slut Bai ling represent the whole of Chinese race? We should start importing fresh faces now to uphold our reputation!

Sorry Lucy Liu, I still like your role in Charlie's Angels and your wicked sense of humor!

Ok, back to caucasian women. Sometimes I just wonder why people like Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock and Megan Fox dominate the lists of "Hottest Women" by men magazines.

Bold and pretty features yes but too strong and explicit for my liking. Heavy features make one look masculine, not to mention sausage-like lips. 

Even worse, I dont get what's the deal with Sex bomb a.k.a Megan fox

Man, is there even a tinge of femininity left in her(pun intended)? She looks like a transvestite to me. Or is she the younger version of plastic queen Janice Dickinson

See the uncanny resemblance? Now, which guy of the right mind would like to screw people like this? People who are blind perhaps.

If you would like me to describe Caucasian beauty in a literary way with analogy, I would like to think that Caucasians represent the element fire. They are bold and dazzling and certainly burn with confidence. They instill fear in those who hear their name. But after all that burning, what's left is just dust and ashes.

Asian Women, or East-Asian women rather, would represent the element water. They are quiet and gentle and do not yearn to get noticed, they hide in insignificant places and appear to be transparent. They taste plain but are essential to life. 

To quote Memoirs of a geisha
Water changes shape and flows around things, and finds the secret path no one else has thought about - the tiny hole through the roof or the bottom of a box There's no doubt it's the most versatile of the Five Elements. It can wash away Earth, it can put out Fire, it can wear a piece of Metal down and sweep it away. Even Wood, which is it's natural complement, can't survive without being nurtured by water.
Asian beauties are implicit and require time to discover and the taste to appreciate beauties  requires time to nurture. Caucasian beauties are love at first sight but Asian beauties require time to appreciate but once you do, it's everlasting.

Asian women are like fine french wine, the longer you brew and taste, the more fragrant they get. Or maybe Tsuke Sushi, the more you chew, the tastier they get.

Just look at Liu Yi fei (刘亦菲). Those delicateness and Porcelain skin. One would definitely not associate her with evil. Slightly perky and small nose. Beautiful but not overwhelming and threatening. Gentle is the word. One would expect her to speak like the wind, soft and wispy. 

Hebe tian (田馥甄). Cold ice queen, indifferent to the world. broody like a philosopher, complete with an independent attitude. I like!

And caucasians certainly can't sport the pan-cute look better than Asian girls. 

Some random Japanese celebrity, Rainie Yang (杨丞琳) and Ayumi Hamasaki (滨崎步) . And to prove my point, here's a little snippet of scientific evidence.
The Mongoloid skull, whether Chinese or Japanese, has been rather more neotenized than the Caucasoid or European."[30] "The female skull, it will be noted, is more pedomorphic in all human populations than the male skull."[30] "Mongoloid races are explained in terms of being the most extreme pedomorphic humans."[31] "The intuition that advanced human development was pedomorphic rather than recapitulationary and accelerated was disturbing to many Eurocentric nineteenth century anthropologists."[32] "If juvenilization was the characteristic for advanced status, then it was clear that the Mongoloid races were more deeply fetalized in most respects and thus capable of the greatest development.
Neotenized and Pedomorphic means retaining childhood features when you have already reached adulthood. This explains why asians tend to have the least body hair and why we age the slowest. And in evolution terms, it is considered better.

A potential correlate of beauty is pedomorphy, which is the retention in adults of child-like traits. For instance, women have facial features that are closer to those of children than men, and more feminine women have facial features that are even closer to those of children. Thus, it may be proposed that pedomorphy is a correlate of beauty.---taken from a site about beauty science.
which is why madonna looks like this in her 50s while Maggie Cheung ( 张曼玉 ) is still radiant

Ok to be fair to Madonna, she didnt put makeup while Maggie has. And also Maggie's photo is taken in a studio.

This is the classic National Geographic photo of the same afghan woman(caucasian). She's 13 on the left and 20 plus or 30 plus on the right. shocking doesnt it? I thought she was a full-grown adult(left pic).

But in the end it all boils down to personal preferences doesnt it? Both races are beautiful in their own way but to me, Asian women wins cause of their femininity and gentleness.

But then again, I'm making over-generalizations. You have to factor in the individual as well! If you have crappy genes, nothing will salvage the situation!

Just look at Nina Dobrev

A caucasian with softer features and the "water" quality. Perfect.

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Lilian Hii (백합) said...

Asians can be beautiful too!! HAHA! Caucasians tend to age badly whilst Asians age well...good advantage for us asian girls ^^

JimoWu said...

Haha yea but I think in the end it all boils down to genes and maybe diet.

Japanese cuisine is very healthy for you!

Euniceee said...

Yeah..agree with Lilian =D we asians can be pretty and tend to be more healthier... =P

Mich said...

great post..wee..~ proud to be asian girl..though, not pretty...XD

Steven said...

How about mix? Caucasian and an Asian couple have a daughter instead? =D

JimoWu said...

that would be perfect! best of both worlds. but then again it depends on the genes again. I've seen not so goodlooking eurasians haha

Nadia MDG said...

i like this post... i think it's the asians who wish to be caucasians though..

JimoWu said...

what you say is correct but speaking from a historical perspective, people always like to emulate the race with the most economic and political power.

For example in ancient times before western contact, Japanese n Koreans emulated chinese dress styles and makeup during the height of the Tang Dynasty.

Then during the 1980s and 1990s, the height of japanese economy, it was fashionable to achieve the jap look in Asia.

Recently, the j-wave sorta died down and the "korean" look is surging.

Christine , Mei Yee said...

Woohoo ~ 2 of my fav artist ! Liu Yi Fei and HEBE ! XD But still , i'll agree with what you said =)

BJ said...

beauty is in asian

Qi Wen 绮文 said...

Hands and legs up agree with you! =)

JimoWu said...

lol all hands and legs up will make you topple!

♥snoopy♥ said...

Angelina rocks! wheeeeeeee!!

k~^|n said...

LOL...this is also a hot topic on The Apprentice latest season.

ⓖⓘⓝⓝⓨ ◕‿◕。 said...

oh yay, nice post dude.. Caucasian are beautiful..
but so do Asian.. ^__^
different taste and by different people.. ;)

arsenalkorner said...

Come on we do look good to ourselves, following u. follow me?

Anonymous said...

i think this is rather biased. for the only asians you are talking about in this post are the chinese race (not against the chinese race or anyt such thing) it's just something i wanted to note.

JimoWu said...

haha most opinions are biased i think. But I made sure I included the Japanese! Also the Asian here refers more to the East-Asian Mongoloid type which refers to mongolians, chinese, japanese, koreans and maybe vietnamese who share rather similar genes!

cause the whole "Asian" term is too broad. Arabs are considered as caucasians and northen white indians (aryans) are considered as caucasians as
well if im not wrong!

Max said...

Hahaha~ this post is certainly bias~ xD

But in the end it all leads down to individual preferences. I would say that both Asian and Caucasian women have their own inner and outer beauty, they are both sexy depends on how people view it.

I love Megan Fox and Charmaine Sheh, both of them are superb beautiful and sexy to me xD

So who are we to judge and compare when we have the best of both worlds? I'm not trying to say that Caucasians are more sexy than Asians, but I certainly don't want to see Angelina Jolie acting cute when paparazzi decide to take pictures of her. Hahaha~

Don't think that the acting cute posture suits Caucasian.

Chika said...

The media, I agree, has done a lot of damage to our perceptions on beauty. In my opinion beauty comes straight from the heart.

People who indulge in their appearance far too much become old and wrinkly far too quickly. And I do agree on the Megan Fox part though. She was much prettier before plastic surgery.

People go and "destroy" themselves for the sake of media's preferences, when in the end the media always has a new outlook or idea about what beauty is, and therefore when a person has turned themselves into a cat they are left with nothing but disappointment as people move unto something more "interesting".

I believe that in the comparison we are missing African women. African women have toiled and broken sweat just to be noticed as one of the world's most beautiful, and yet they are always demeaned by media and by the people who pick up on the nasty habit. African are also beautiful.

However, to conclude, if personality sucks, so does "beauty" whichever way one chooses to look at it.

The GameLord said...

ummmm, Caucasian women are alot better looking. That's just the way things are, dude.

emily said...

I think it is more rare to find a great looking white person because most of us are european mutts... a mix of a whole bunch of crap. anyway, i'm a caucasian girl and i do think that Asians are the prettier race in general. Though i have seen some Beautiful caucasians, it's harder to find those with the soft "water type" look. I personally think it is all in the individual- it's just less common to find a pretty caucasian. The whole thing about the media only making other races feel bad about themselves is bull. White girls are affected as well, and living in america, the expectations to look beautiful are even higher.

Anonymous said...

i am a western man and you are right. asian woman are better and much more beautiful. in fact they are better at everything. so i married a chinese woman. best thing i ever did. i dislike western woman for many reasons. i am american. i have dated hundreds or women in my country. they can not hold a chance with an asian woman. in any way. sorry ladies, but asian woman have you beat hands down. good article and true.

Anonymous said...

other reasons asian woman are more beautiful are because the diet is better. their priorities are better and they always remain a woman in every situation. western woman act like men often. it turns us western men off. asian woman are always feminine. many western woman act foolish in bed. act like a bad acting pornstar. asian woman are sensual. western woman shave below. as if they want us to think they are children. i do not want to sleep with a child. nor do i want my wife or lover to appear as one sexually.they are always respectful to themselves. love comes first, not money, as with the western woman. they always take care of their body. they think about the future. not the bank account. but it is nice to have. nobody wants to be poor. lol. good luck western ladies....... you will need it. more and more of us western men are looking at asian woman because of your own behavior. the table has turned. we want better more meaningful relationships. you want more free meaningless sex and money. we want love to last forever. so we find the best life with asian women. better and real lovers asian women are. thank you asia. peace to all.

mike said...

Yeaaa those asian photos do have them wearing makeup, they have also been made soft in photoshop, none of them are natural, i am asian but caucasian girls are hot no matter how you put it. They are not short and stocky like the majority of asian girls that i see in tokyo and with an average diet their bodys become embroidered in elegance, fire has to be protected, they can find you in the darkest of places and keep loce as though it was a child, they are the most beutifull of women. (and btw most of them do not do not age badly, they can age just as well as asians)

mike said...

Btw you can fine many feminine women, many act the same way. But it is better to find their personalities than just bed with them because then they probrably are pirn stars. . . And you do not want that.

Anonymous said...

That's a litte unfair, you chose the most unflattering photo of madonna. Isn't she famed for looking youthful?
Plus the Afghani photo isn't really a fair representation of white women. Who knows what she's had to endure through her life time. Stress ages a person no matter where you are.
As a Black girl I've come to appreciate both "fire" and "water" interpretations of beauty. For example If I'm going out to a party or club I'll sport a more "fire" look, but for every day I'll choose "water" (makeup does wonders)

Anonymous said...

That's a litte unfair, you chose the most unflattering photo of madonna. Isn't she famed for looking youthful?
Plus the Afghani photo isn't really a fair representation of white women. Who knows what she's had to endure through her life time. Stress ages a person no matter where you are.
As a Black girl I've come to appreciate both "fire" and "water" interpretations of beauty. For example If I'm going out to a party or club I'll sport a more "fire" look, but for every day I'll choose "water" (makeup does wonders)
[X 1234566]
Man... You do not need to be tendencious and try to find terms, wich you need pick up, to prove you theory.... So sad....!
Pity of you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry but asian women aren't as feminine as they are stereotyped to be..they have proportionally long torsos and short legs..and wide, square shaped jaws, which are masculine features.

unphazed said...

lol @ the first comment. Threatened much? There are beauties in both races, don't let my blonde hair and blue eyes bring out the ugly in you.

Teiku said...

I wonder why is that so many East Asian women dye their hair lighter shades, wear colored contacts and enlarge their eyes either surgically or cosmetically. Is it to look more Asian?
Oh, and btw - if we Westerners consider an Asian person attractive that wouldn't be considered so in their motherland, it doesn't mean they're not in fact attractive, only to you... Understand that beauty is subjective, so putting it in such categorical words, trying to prove it with some carefully selected pictures is simply ridiculous.
All in all, I agree that there's beauty in all races, and every person is entitled to their opinion and as long as they don't make asinine statements I'm not even going to argue with them.

Anonymous said...

I can honestly say that I have never visited a country where I didn't find the women attractive. Maybe that means I'm a man-whore, but I think it really means beautiful women are beautiful no matter what their race.

My newest fetish is Indian girls!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Canadian born woman of Chinese descent. I think the author is unfair in saying that caucasian women are less attractive than Asian women. The photo of Madonna is an extremely unflattering one. She is not wearing a trace of makeup. Maggie Cheung is wearing full makeup and her photo was taken in a controlled environment (a photo studio).

The Afghan woman aged horribly because there is a very good chance she was married off as a teenager & started producing offsprings at a tender age. We all know the combination of being a mother to multiply kids & growing up in an impoverished environment will rapidly age a person.

I can't stand Asians who dye their hair an orangey colour. So unflattering and ugly!!! Are these Asians colour blinded? Must be. Stick with black or some shades of dark brown. Much more flattering on Asian skin tones.

Angelina Jolie & Megan Fox are extremely hot women. I say this myself even though I'm a straight woman. Lol.

It's true that Asian women tend to age better and put on less weight when they reach middle age. But few Asian women have the curves & sleek long legs of hot, young white chicks. Asian women tend to have short legs and few curves. Korean & Japanese girls often have chunky calves. If their legs are slim, they tend to be bow legged.

Anonymous said...

This post is extremely biased and slightly racist against Caucasians, it is unfair to critique an entire race due to a few examples of women that each separate person could differentially find beautiful or "ugly". It is very off putting to read that I as a Caucasian woman is not as "attractive" because i contain too much "fire", whatever that means. There are different beauty ideals for both races, and there are beautiful women in every race and every nationality.

Maria Nya said...

If I stay healthy will I not age so quickly??? I don't want to look old .,,,

Anonymous said...

I think that Asian women who diss Caucasian women and always feel that they need to bring up the topic of Asians aging better than Caucasians, they feel threatened and jealous and need to make themselves feel better by dissing us.

The aging aspect argument is a very cheap, overused low blow at us that many Asian women absolutely love to use against us.

And for your information, Caucasian women can and do age very well.

So much bitterness in this post...and envy.

VaMp-ed IresS said...

Why does the term asian always have to refer to the chinese/japanese/korean? What about indian women? I am 33 and when I went to a western country, the guess was I am nothing above 25. Also, I beg to differ on the curves and long legs bit that apparently "asian" women dont have. I live in an asian country - not in India/China/Korea/Japan and we have many girls who are tall and slender. Also, there are girls who are of average height but with really curvaceous bodies. My mother is 63 and she looks nothing like what was described about "asian" women and she looks 45! However, I think Angelina Jolie is hot and Megan Fox ugly.

Anonymous said...

Asian females are only for pedos i guess..not to mention that they look really bad without makeup. By the way: why are most of them dressing like kids? and what the hell is wrong with their facial expressions??
Some of them who went under the knife look good tho.

Anonymous said...

Asians tend to not age compared to other races. Also, they have the smallest pores, and smooth white porcelain skin. Although Caucasian girls are very pretty, when compared to a group of pretty Asian girls, it's game over. There's just something about the Asian race in general when it comes to beauty. Also, people keep saying that Asians have stocky legs etc, but I've also seen white girls with big stocky calves and big gigantic thunder thighs, so I wouldn't generalize it like that. Like I said, when you see a beautiful Asian girl, their legs are straighter, thinner, longer, and perfect like barbie doll legs like nothing can compare! No this is not a biased comment, as I know I'm speaking the truth, and no, I'm not asian.

Anonymous said...

I am Caucasian and at 25, people still think I am in middle school. I am also shorter and smaller than most Caucasians...I have an Asian body type and buy most of my clothing from Japan. My mom is 49 and has no wrinkles. So yeah, not all of us Caucasians age badly.

Also, why pick the worst photos for white women and then have highly photo-shopped photos of Asians? Asians are known for their insane skills with makeup and photo-shop.

Most Asian women don't look like the celebrities and random photo-shopped photos you see on
the internet, most are average like any other race.

Also, if they are the most beautiful..why are so many trying not to look Asian anymore? A lot of Korean women in Korea look like clones because it's a country obsessed with plastic surgery, many older Koreans are complaining these women no longer look Korean anymore. Places like Japan and Korea are obsessed with huge eyes, colored contacts, blond or just lighter colored hair, slimmer pointy noses, more defined facial shape, extremely thin bodies when a lot of them have a shorter more stocky build.

Person above me, no...most don't have doll like legs..and if they do, they have to starve themselves. A lot of Asian girls diet to the extreme because anorexic like thinness is ideal for them. Very few have legs naturally like that...I should know, I have Japanese cousins (married into the family) that tell me what kind of things girls do to be very thin. They can weigh like 80 pounds and flip out if the gain a few. Most Asians are about 5'2"-5'4" and shorter, they tend to have longer torsos which make their legs appear shorter and more stocky.

Anonymous said...

Caucasian women in my opinion r very beautiful. .but Asian women r amazing esp Japanese women I love Japanese women...but the most beautiful woman ever is salma hayek hands down

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but as a white man who has dated Asian women - they are AWESOME compared to other women. Sexier, more feminine. Better personalities, better lover, better looking all around. They embrace their femininity where American women tend to want to be tough. Tough is great in the movies, but men don't want tough, they want feminine! Go Asian women. -Skye

Anonymous said...

Disagree on the media stereotype setting Caucasian beauty standards. That may have been true up until the 1980s, but when was the last time you saw a Caucasian leading man, Brad Pitt (now in his 5th decade)? Hollywood is controlled, and ruthlessly retained, by interlocking Jewish families. They do not identify with the larger non-Jewish community and have a special disdain for European Christians.
Additionally, the comparisons between Caucasian women and Asian are misleading. Some of us weren't born in the last 20 years and remember a time, before ubiquitous factory foods, when Caucasian women aged normally and were not over weight with that odd bloated look. Factory foods are now being produced in East Asia, with the result of alarming increases in weight. Where one was able to count an overweight woman in Japan on one hand in a month-long trip, now one can count the same number in a few hours. Studies have shown that Asian people have higher risks of obesity and diabetes. Once the food supply-system is tainted in Asia, the body images will not be pretty, e.g. Samoa.

lee woo said...

Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength. See the link below for more info.


Anonymous said...

I spent three years in Asian/Japan. Your comments on aging are laughable at best. At 40 most Japanese look like mountain hags and I am being kind. Compare that to the splendor of a Caucasian blue eyed redhead who represents 0.6% of the worlds population. There is no comparison.

Anonymous said...

Lucy Liu horse faced? Wow, are you choosy! I'd leap at a chance to be with her. Bai Ling is hot too. Are you sure you're Asian?

Unknown said...

Asian women are indeed beautiful. But this post reeks of envy and jealousy. People need to learn to just be comfortable with who they are...

Anon said...

Right. Are these the types of conversations that Chinese women are having??? 😂😂😂
Just die already...

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