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types of people in high school

Disclaimer: contains exaggerated and magnified opinions for comical effect. They do represent reality to a certain extent (based on blogger's experience) but similarities to real life people are mere coincidences! 若有雷同,纯属巧合!

1)The angmoh-pai (white-washed teenagers)

These white-washed teenagers are normally ashamed of their roots and try to emulate american high school kids by stuffing their face with chick flicks like mean girls,gossip girls and sex and the city. They start to make a mockery out of good virtues and let hell loose by adopting inappropriate behaviors.

They support the notion of melodrama in Victorian society and play up their hyper-activeness. Loud and proud, they squeak like hamsters and make a fool out of themselves. Nowadays, It's fashion and state-of-art to act dumb.

They like to pick up foreign phrases and slangs like OH-EM-GEE. And squeal YOU'RE SO MEANNNN during bitching sessions (ya right,get off your high horse bitch, I bet you feel the same way inside.)

when insulted, they resort to the bimbotic way of defending themselves. OH MY, YOU'RE SOOO ANNOYINGGGG. Yes, they like to project their high-pitched voices and love to drag their sentences.

They call their friends "the bitches". Speaking of that, they value friends over family. And they must hug their friends every single time they meet. Even though its only 5 seconds after he/she bought seaweed chicken from the canteen. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Yea, right.

They hold viral goals and seek to be rich,beautiful,dirty and famous.

They are intolerant and seek to destruct everything disagreeable that comes their way. Their favourite teasing target is Chinese-speaking people.

They are rebellious but they rebel without a good cause. Only because it's cool. Youth in revolt!

2) Overly-positive fakes

These kind of people have permanent plastic smiles plastered all over their faces but actually they have knives and daggers hidden behind them. Beware.

They claim to be ultra-friendly to you and give you the megawatt-smile and 72 tricks to win you over. They'll treat you to free food,pull your chair and etc, all kinds of resorts.

But the moral of the story is, this underlying positivity is just a mean to psyche themselves up. The loudest/happiest people are actually the ones who are the most fucked up inside.

3) The rich Aristocrats

wealthy and gorgeous people from the upper echelons of society.
Privileged people who party a hella vu time away! They try to be posh and insist to wear expensive jackets in school even when its burning 40 degree celsius.

They tend to have the latest gadgets on hand. Iphone 4. Ipad. You name it, they got it.

Their facebook profile pictures are normally pictures of them wearing sunglasses. indoors.

They like to flag for taxis instead of boarding the crowded bus.

4) The must-be-happening

Self-proclaimed social butterflies who try their best to be in-the-scene. They join cheerleading and wave their pompoms. Must join house committee, sports carnival and in the end...... their results suck kuakuakua.

5) I am very artsy-fartsy and cheemo

Must...always...use...bombastic....words...to impress!

serenade of valorous men dressed in dishabille fornicating vehemently! Of course normal people wont be able to understand except maybe for erm Shakespeare and Martians who can decode quantum numbers.... 
Need to whip out a dictionary every now and then to verify their words of wisdom!

Must speak the Shakespeare lingo to exude the attitude of a romanticist! Oh fi fai ho hum, hark here hark shall! Where forth art thou baby?

And the hokkien beng at the heartland void deck will say: simi lai eh? Mai gong jiao wei!

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Mindy said...

the bitches n dudes..haha

soulesscloudy said...

i far far away already...

JimoWu said...

lol you auntie now isit? hehe

ken said...

the loner? :)

JimoWu said...

lol you help me write lah then i post it up

Christine , Mei Yee said...

The nerds ? The smart alexes ? The "cannons" ? Hahaha ~ Plenty to categorize >.<

JimoWu said...

oh yes, I want to include the act arty-farty people!thanks for reminding me!

nickname: J said...

"the bitches" is very exaggerate lol

Celeste said...

serenade of valorous men dressed in dishabille fornicating vehemently! seriously?:PPPPPPP

Anonymous said...

damn funny...seems really accurate to me, can picture people i know from each category, haha

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