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Political correctness

Ok, there’s this social norm/fault/problem/phenomenon in singapore and I’m here to address it today.

I think there’s this excessive fear in Singaporeans about their speech and violating the out-of-bounds markers. In turn, they toe the line set out by the govt carefully, causing them to become quite false,hypocritical and of course…the lack of sense of humour….. and also disdain in important current affairs. As the Chinese saying goes, they only sweep the snow thats right infront of their doorstep.

For example right, when policies come out in the newspaper and I will make random comments about them. When I do so, my mom almost choked on her coffee and said with a sour and bitter-gourd face: “wah you better dont say this outside hor, if PAP catch you, you will get jailed!”

Now, now. I dont think there is white terror in Singapore. And we are not living in a dystopic society like in George Orwell’s 1984 ROFL.

I think my mum’s the kind that’s apathetic about social issues. She’ll still read them but she thinks that changing things are beyond her ability and we should leave everything to the govt.

Apparently, there are a lot of miss little political-correct in school. And surprise surprise most of them are girls (not trying to be sexist). They’ll be like wonder woman, complete with the american underwear and all. They’ll strangle you with their lassos once they catch you making comments that are deemed unacceptable.

There’s this girl in my class who is extreme pc, I cannot tahan. Once a upon a time, she kept eating at the muslim stall in school and I jokingly said “wah you became muslim isit”. Then her face suddenly turn black like charcoal and said “tsk ,nothing wrong with being muslim what! show some respect please.”

Btw, I dont think that my comments are insulting and condescending in anyway. It’s like saying “wah since when did you become angmoh” when you keep patronising the western stall or “wah you became japanese isit”.

And then in class right, sometimes we will touch upon religious issues because we have to do so for the sake of General Paper. Comparatively speaking, some religious teachings do have loopholes and seem to have wreaked havoc.

I mean the creationism theory is stupid (although I think alot people would beg to differ), and how many people have been killed in the crusade conquest huh and clergymen were partly responsible for the social mess during the 100years of Chinese Ignominy.

Then if you state some comments in class people will just stare at you and think that you are some looney person released from the IMH. We are not supposed to make any comments that tear the social fabric of Singapore, remember?

If you make any comments, albeit constructive ones, people will just frown and think that you’re disrespectful. I mean for the sake and progess of mankind, I think that its ok to give constructive criticisms about religion that’s based on facts and not based on irrational ideology.

And earlier this year my ex-gp teacher was talking about a girl that is autistic( I dont think she is lah,she is just extremely extroverted) in another class and I said “but I thought autistic people cant come to TJ?”

Then immediately I got slammed by another girl (not the one on top) “why cant come to TJ?’ and she rolled her eyes.

She’s thinking that I’m elitist sia but I did not mean it that way. Btw, I think that I’m kinda humble LOL. I mean, autistic people have to go to special schools right because they have special needs that need to be catered to. Their learning ability is different from us what. so ya.

And then there’s this pc girl in my cca who gets on my nerves alot and I think she’s like the spokesperson sent by the government or something. She will find every opportunity to shoot me down about my comments.

There’s this day when my friends and I were talking about something in a jokingly manner then she said something like “can you not stereotype please?” and things like “can you please respect people?”

and guess what, the next minute of so she was talking about how guys cannot do this, guys should behave in blah blah blah manner and gays are disgusting. seems kinda contradictory to me. I think because being gay is considered to be “immoral and illegal” in the eyes of the govt, that’s why people use them as an object to vent their frustrations.

haix I’m living in a mad mad world. Sometimes I ponder what’s the use of literature when criticisms laid out 100 years ago have not changed to social problem. Lu Xun must be turning in his grave now because the kind of social fault(apathetic people that follow standardised opinions like sheep without thinking them through) that are in his stories are still prevalent in society.

Oh shit, you know what I think I just missed my Econs Lecture while typing this hahaha.

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