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copy of a copy of a form

I have spent days experiencing life in dramas,movies, novels and comics. But they are mere caricature and imitation of reality. A copy of a copy of a form. Shadows and marionette.

Imagination does have its limits. Imagination alone can't create.

I want to experience reality in its raw form. It's ever-changing nature, different from a still pool of water. That's what that makes it exciting, isn't it?

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Chika said...

How I wish while we were children we weren't fed with all the crap about living "happily ever after" (according to Disney and the many other fairy tales from childhood), somehow I still find it a little hard to tell the difference :P

I love dreaming; it's a part of me. It's who I am. I'm a dreamer and I'm not ashamed to admit it..

Haha.. (I feel pathetic)

Nice blog by the way.

JimoWu said...

Oh hi are you from the states? haha.

I guess films and movies are limited haha cause they dont portray reality, I mean the scripts are created in a controlled environment right?

but watching them is still entertaining, an escapade =)

It's good to be a dreamer! that's how all things start haha

JimoWu said...

oh sorry I just checked and u're form the UK =)

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