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Au Revior,not

Hello world, I've started a blog again.

I want to do this because I'm too lazy to pen down my thoughts on a traditional diary and I want to monitor my thoughts on a daily basis ( it's nice to be nostalgic once in a while haha).

And at this stage of life, I'm kind of introverted, thanks to my stifling environment *rolls eyes*, so I shall resort to expressing my opinions using this platform so that I wont get schizoprenic haha.

I feel that nowadays we get caught by the fast pace of life and forget the most simple things of life, the fundamentals, and the things we lived/live for so Im going to start a blog to remind myself these things.我们忘记了最初的梦想。The blur of the traffic often causes us to forget our purpose of life.

We forgot that we need to be beautiful, and not just a clotheshanger,

we forget that friends are for companion and not for safety/accesory

We forget that studies are for gaining knowledge and not for the sake of rote memorizing...

and we live to be happy, not to endure hardships. We study so that we can gain better knowledge of the world we live in and how to utilize the best of our lives to make ourselves happy. Get straight A's for what?

So I need to remind myself of the fundamentals everyday. the initial reasons that I live for. I hope you do too!

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