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marriages and happy endings

I had almost vanished into thin air because my working schedule had been as tight as erm….a virgin’s asshole.

Mon- 7am-7pm

Tues- 5pm-1.30am

wed- 7am-7pm

thurs- 7am-7pm

fri- outing with krys, she late for 1hr 15min wtf.

we went to sit at the exact same spot at lucky plaza’s mac two years ago when we went to the xms concert two years ago at victoria concert hall with deb and des.

Been as busy as a bee, except what I have been doing is more aggravating than sucking nectar and pollinating pollen grains.

The lawn@Raffles Hotel

After waiting at Raffles for so long, I have witneseed many couples exchanging vows, snogging each other while their mouths were swelling with saliva.

Everyone gets dressed up to the nines, cackles in merriment while sipping champagnes with elegant gestures. I was the only one standing under the hot sun with a glistening forehead.

I will gaze at the couples with intensifying probes while wondering whether I will be left on the shelves to accumulate dust. Maybe I will be left in the monastery to chew cabbages wtf.

That day I witnessed a cross-breed marriage. A caucasian guy and Chinese girl. Cross-breed marriage ceremony is kinda funny. It reminds me of the scene in Lord Of the Ring when the diminutive hobbits and majestic elves gathered in middle Earth preparing for the big battle.

I think I will marry an asian because we can recite the 300 Tang Dynasty poems together under the dim moonlight. Nolah, because we lie on the same frequency. But nothing’s for sure though.

Marriage is envisaged as a balance of moral and personal qualities, as a fulfilling process of mutual improvement. When will the knots be untied? When will the threads of my heart be unraveled? Only time will tell.

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Chika said...

Nice post, although sometimes just because people are of the same race does not mean their marriage will be made any easier. Biological studies have proved that genetics are much happier mixed, so a mixed marriage is better. It's more exciting.

I wish to marry an Asian guy, but only time will tell whether or not I get to do so. In my day and age it seems Asian guys are either after their own kind of Caucasian girls, rarely my kind. However, I see nothing wrong with my kind :)

I wish you all the best and hope one day you will write about your wedding on your blog :)

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