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judgement day, end of the world is tomolo

End of the world is drawing near! Millions of meteorites will crash onto Earth, afflicting many potholes. Streaks of lightning (10,000 voltage) will clatter down from the swirling clouds and show no mercy to trees that stand in their path.

The waves will rise out of water, first like shark fins then increase indefinitely in size until they become as tall as Eiffel tower. Every skyscraper erected on Singapore’s surface will be toppled over and Singapore will be submerged underwater completely. History has repeated itself. Singapore will be the next Atlantis.

Okay, tomorrow is o levels results release date. Confirm, guarantee plus chop. As I am writing this, my heart is plummeting and slithering down a few notches until where my stomach is located. Tomorrow, the dogs who guard the hell gates will be released and they will bite those who have failed terribly. I wonder if I will be banished to the valley of gloom.

I felt that I didn’t work hard enough but whatever it is, I am ready to receive the verdict like a pig is for a slaughterhouse.

My father doesn’t have a massive rubber plantation for me to inherit, neither does he have a multi-million company for me to run. Education is my only ticket to the future you know. Why am I always building castles in the sky, sigh. Ho hum. Wish me luck. May the force be with me.

O level students, if you are reading this, may the force be with you too. At most die together wtf, won’t be lonely like that.

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